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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple. -S. Hubbard

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  • A book review for Vanishings Girls  by Lauren Oliver
  • A link to the instructions for to a super simple baby blanket I learned to crochet
  • How to stop hating mathematics!

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Before I Go to Sleep by S.J Watson

First Edition Cover

First Edition Cover

“You should read this book I just finished, ” my mom said to me, sometime in 2013. “I just couldn’t stop reading it.”

My mother has also recommended books to me that involve Jesus as the protagonist that aren’t the bible. Needless to say, I was skeptical.

A year later she checked out the audiobook out from the library and gave it to me. “Listen to it on your drive back to school! You won’t be able to stop!”

I had every intention of actually listening to it, but I did not. It wasn’t until two days ago in 2015 that I actually read S.J. Watson’s Before I Go to Sleep, and as promised once I started, I could not stop.

Here’s why you should read this “psychological thriller” (Disclaimer: I’m only 70% sure I’m using that term correctly).

1. It’s a quick read. You really can’t put it down. Sorry for the skepticism, Mom.

2. This book features memory loss a la Fifty First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. At this beginning of the book, I would have listed this as a down side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of anything Barrymore/Sandler, but I wasn’t sure how it would play out in first person narrative. However, this ends up being one of the selling points of the novel. You are so consumed with the story you end up wondering how terrifying it would be to go to sleep each night knowing you’d lose the precious memories gained that day.

Also, as a Psych major, the element of such a rare form of memory loss is fascinating.

3) The entire time you read the novel, Watson instills in you the thought that something isn’t quite right here. As a self-proclaimed smarty-pants, I assumed I’d be able to solve the mystery immediately. Wrong. Every instance where I was convinced I’d figured the plot out, I was wrong. This is an immeasurable quality in a book.

This book is definitely worth your time. Here’s the Amazon link:


Recently, Before I Go to Sleep was released as a movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but if you have please comment and let me know how it was!