99 Days by Katie Cotugno

Book Review: 99 Days by Katie Contugno

Last Weekend, I impulsively visited Books-A-Million under the pretense of “I’m not going to buy anything.”

I bought two books. One was Matilda, a book I’ve never actually read but need to. It was only a few dollars so hey, why not?

The other was a glossy hardcover; the brand-new release of 99 Days by Katie Cotugno.

99 Days by Katie Cotugno

99 Days by Katie Cotugno

Let me backtrack and tell you that I usually read ebooks or library books. Only rarely do I buy a hardcover book. On the occasion I do buy a hardcover new release, it’s a book I’ve been highly anticipating (for example, I will be buying Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot the moment it is released. I’ve lived too many years now without Mia Thermopolis in my life).  I’ve learned the costs of books can add up quickly.

I have never read Cotugno’s first novel, How to Love, although I have been meaning too for awhile. When I saw 99 Days on the shelf, I was drawn to it. First of all, it’s a beautiful looking book. I skimmed the inside cover and knew it was my kind of book.

What is my kind of book? A book that makes me feel feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of genres and I become engulfed by most books I read, but my favorite kind of books are ones like 99 Days. Books that capture the emotions of love or heartbreak perfectly.

Seriously, look how pretty this book is.

Seriously, look how pretty this book is.

I started reading 99 Days last night and about 25% of the way in, I sighed because I knew I wasn’t falling asleep until I finished it.  The narrator, Molly, makes terrible decisions in the most relatable ways. She’s recovering from a breakup with her first love,  Patrick, the same summer she is falling in love with another guy, Gabe. Here’s the thing: Gabe is Patrick’s older brother.

99 days is a story with very real emotions and is written in a way where I definitely felt feelings.  This may not be everyone’s favorite kind of book, but it’s mine. I’m anxious to read Cotugno’s How to Love and literally anything else she puts on paper (I read half her blog posts after I finished the book at 2 AM).

Worth the Read!

Worth the Read!

If stories of love and heartbreak are your thing too, then read this book. I could not recommend it more highly.


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